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  • Phonak Serenity Choice Music is a new designed ear plug by Phonak. These ear plugs have been specially developed to help reduce all types of background noise to an acceptable level. By doing so this helps to improve concentration and reduce any unnecessary stress that may be caused day to day excess noise.
  • This has been specially designed for any individuals that suffer from unwanted background noises day to day in all types of busy environments including Offices, Airports, Transport and more helping to drown out this unwanted background noise. Featuring a NNR (Noise Reduction Rating) of up to 16Db.
  • The acoustic filters are fitted with advanced mesh technology to ensure that the ear always remains well ventilated and will prevent a build-up of excess moisture during the night. The ear tips are made from medical grade TPE making this product Hypoallergenic and as the ear tips can be used multiple times this makes this product excellent value for money.
  • Inserting and removing the ear tips could not be easier, once you insert the filter grip the ear tip using the tongue to allow you to insert and remove safely.
  • Includes: 2 universal ear plugs in S, M and L, 2 acoustic filters 24dB, Aluminum keyring carrying case & Multilingual user guide. Medical Supplies and equipment are Non-returnable.

Phonak Serenity Choice Music KM20

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